The Avenger

Command-Line Usage

The Avenger may be run with full functionality from the command line, and the GUI may be completely suppressed in order for The Avenger to be combined into larger scripts and malware fixes.

If the "/nogui" flag is specified on the command line the GUI will be suppressed, and then other command line arguments will be checked. (All other command line arguments are ignored if "/nogui" is not set.) The command line flags are:

  • /nogui (suppresses GUI)
  • /scan (enable rootkit scanning feature)
  • /disable (automatically disable any rootkits detected, ignored if "/scan" is not set)
  • /reboot (reboot automatically, without prompting user)

NOTE: these flags are totally different from the command-line syntax in Version 1.0. Some existing code may have to be modified.

  • Please note that the "quiet-mode" options available in Version 1.0 no longer exist. When run from the command-line, The Avenger is "quiet" automatically.
  • It will output only fatal error messages and will suppress warnings and non-fatal errors by default.
  • Therefore, if you run The Avenger from the command-line, please be sure you know what you are doing, since much normal feedback is suppressed!

The full command line usage is then:

avenger.exe /nogui [/scan [/disable]] [/reboot] ScriptLocation

where ScriptLocation is the full path to the script file to execute. Note: ScriptLocation must be a path to a local file, not an Internet URL. The script to execute must be in a file.

When The Avenger is run from the command line, it will return a '1' to the environment if it fails, and a '0' if it succeeds (Unix style). I think (although I haven't tested it) that you could test for its success by using IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 in a batch.

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