The Avenger


The Avenger is a fully-scriptable, kernel-level Windows driver designed to remove highly persistent files, registry keys/values, and other drivers protected by entrenched malware.

  • Malicious software ("malware") often hooks deeply into the Windows operating system to hide itself from view and frustrate attempts at removal. With the recent proliferation of rootkits and other strongly-protected forms of malware, this has become more and more common.
  • The Avenger is effective at removing these files and drivers which would otherwise be hard to remove because they are protected or "in use" by malicious software hooked deeply into the operating system itself.

System Requirements

  • The Avenger is fully compatible with 32-bit Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. Please do not attempt to use it on any other operating system. There are no plans to build a 64-bit version of The Avenger because of Microsoft's decision to require digital signatures for 64-bit Vista kernel code.
  • The Avenger must be run from a user account with administrator privileges. In Windows Vista, you will be prompted explicitly to grant The Avenger administrator privileges when it is run.

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