The Avenger

Command Reference

Files to replace with dummy:

The "Files to replace with dummy:" command directive replaces the files listed with empty "dummy" files and backs up the originals.

How do I use it?

After the "Files to replace with dummy:" line is read in a script, all successive lines will be interpreted as full paths of files for The Avenger to replace with dummies.

When do I use it?

When there are malicious files that you want to remove, but that you do not want to delete outright. Usually this is because the operating system is loading the malware at boot, and outright deletion will cause a crash or an error in the boot process.

Alternatively, if you know how the malware is loading, you can go after the loading point instead (usually in the registry) and then afterwards delete the malware file outright with "Files to delete:".

Anything else I should know?

Yes, the same caveats as for "Files to delete:".

Any special notes on syntax?

  • The "Files to replace with dummy:" command will interpret environmental variables (%systemdrive%, %windir%, etc.) correctly.

Example Usage

Files to replace with dummy:
c:\documents and settings\file.exe

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