The Avenger v2 Released!


  • A complete overhaul of the GUI
  • Automatic rootkit detection and removal
  • New scripting functionality
  • Full compatibility with Windows Vista
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Who are you?

I am a security analyst. I am interested in malicious software (or "malware") and techniques to detect and remove it on Windows systems.

What is this page?

This is the home page for some of the software I have written to combat malware infections, including The Avenger and removal tools for some specialized infections.

Under what conditions are the tools provided?

The tools are provided freely for non-commercial use, but:

I ask please that they not be incorporated into other software, hosted, mirrored, or otherwise redistributed in any way without my express permission.

Instead, please link to the original versions at this page.

I ask this not so much to be proprietary as to have the freedom to update the tools quickly if needed or remove them from public access if dangerous bugs are found.

Is there any warranty or disclaimer governing the tools?

Every attempt has been made to ensure their safety, but my tools are provided with absolutely no warranty whatsoever and their safety cannot be 100% guaranteed! You use them at your own risk: please use only under qualified supervision. For assistance please contact me.

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